The multifaceted lens through which I view the practice of teaching has evolved from a deeply pragmatic understanding of interdependence. Individual parts cannot function outside a whole, on a cellular or universal level. It is vital to understand that successful relationships are not singular. As a teacher it is noble to instill this ideology to students, to show them real life examples of concepts. For example, I am unable in good conscience to expect my students to exhibit self-discipline if I do not possess that skill. Similarly they cannot be asked to think creatively if I am not willing to do so. A teacher is unable to teach what they do not fully understand. A teacher will not be successful if they do not exhibit the qualities they expect from their students. I demonstrate my high expectations and give my students the tools to surpass them. I want them to have a participatory role in their education.












My recent work starts to define me rather than me defining it; it tells me what I am doing. I am interested in the notion of art as a means to translate myself. I continue to define and express personal story through the world of contemporary art using traditional and nontraditional techniques for drawing and painting. My interest in abstraction is to create a work out of a very deep personal experience, and then to send it out into a world that is more universal - more open than simply an interpretation of this personal idea. As for my recognizable subject matter, the work describes my inner self and my understanding of life which is being expanded on a daily basis. My goal is never to illustrate the motivation, but to somehow use the feelings it inspired within me to explore the process of making art. My work serves as a metaphor of my life’s journey that speaks from worldly influences and resources. It becomes a visual testimony to beauty and reality.





Fine Art